Monday, June 19, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The rest of the family being overseas has thrown a wrench into the blog-updating-machine. Stay tuned for rapid-fire updates over the next couple of weeks.)

[from 31 January 2017]

Me & Elder Santillana
I am way happy to be here in Montecristo with Elder Santillana.  Honestly things are going awesome. I think we´re gonna do really well here.  My área is super gorgeous, we´ve got a Little bit of everything, beach mountain jungle city.  It´s pretty cool.  And having Elder Santillana as my companion is a huge bonus.  

Fish is awesome, to tel you the truth it´s awesome to be done eating so much fried chicken!  We can see the ocean from our house and we´re about four blocks away.  

Maria & Family

The old lady in the picture (maria) was a less active convert when we arrived and we´d visit the family every week and read the scriptures to her.  She started coming back to church and her kids started attending too, we´ll see if there´s any success there. 

Baptizing in Borrowed Pants
I think those won´t be the last baptisms we´ll be having here.  And no not the same pants, I left mine in Palermo on accident.  I´m not sure if I´ll ever see them again to be honest.  I´m wearing Elder Santillana´s pants in the picture.

It was super cool having those two baptisms.  Brayan changed a whole ton in his life before he got baptised.  Alex was way into it and worked really quickly.  He´d already been to church a couple times when we contacted him.  Sorry it´s really hard to write a whole ton in these 30 minutes about people.

It is really cool that we´re all children of god with limitless potential.  That´s one of my favorite lessons to teach is the plan of salvation cause I think everybody wants to know what´s gonna happen when I die, why am I here, and where did I come from.  Like Dad, God is a lovingfather who wants good things for us and wants to help us to be happy.  

It´s weird I don´t think I´m that much taller, but being a White guy really makes me stand out, and a lot of people stare at me or Yell stuff in English.  Usually it´s something like ¨ei gringo!¨ and I always respond ¨ei latino!"

Um hottest it´s been here is 44 or 45 degrees celcius or about 110 degrees ferenheit.  AND ITS WINTER.  Coldest i don´t know... sometimes when it rains it gets a Little cold. 

Sometimes as a missionary we have to sleep in weird places sometimes in the houses of other missionaries waiting for a meeting in the morning.  It´s always tough to sleep in places you don´t know.

There´s so much weird stuff that I see but honestly when it gets to be Monday and I get to be on the computers I forget everything agghh.  It was super good to be able to get the money figured out.  I was way short on cash because of all the trips I had to take.  I had to travel to La Ceiba and then back to San Pedro for a meeting and then back to La Ceiba.  And we´re gonna have to travel to San Pedro this week too for another meeting.  What the heck?  

So yeah, and also therés a family that we´re trying to help get married so I used a Little bit of my money to help them, (that´s a crazy story we bribed a transgender garífuna in the Honduran DMV to speed up the process long story but it´s gonna have to wait).  


Elder Stoddard