Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Blackout, Some Rain, and a Transfer

The power here was crazy for a while. We went almost a week straight without power and it rained super hard this time it got almost knee deep.

A Little Rain

So I bought some Honduran rainboots for less than 7 bucks. I don´t know why didn´t buy them sooner, I thought they´d be more expensive. 

Sorry I didn´t get to write last week. I wrote a tiny little note on the computers in Sarrosa during our district reunion. 

Remeber how you asked last week if there were any changes coming my way? Well, usually missionaries are in their first areas for 6 months here as a general rule, but I got a phone call last night and I´m headed to Montecristo in La Ceiba. I´m pretty excited, because the zone Ceiba is where everybody wants to go. From what I´ve heard our house is within one block of the beach. So we´ll have to see how things are next time we talk. 

I meet a lot of people who´ve been to America, seems like everybody here who´s super drunk knows how to speak a little bit of English. I think that Alcohol gives the gift of tongues. I was talking to one guy who got deported a month ago for the third time and he´s headed back in the next week. Pretty crazy huh? 

Nothing super exciting has happened this week. I was a super happy guy when the power came back for good, and I was pretty happy to hear I´m going to La Ceiba. That´s about all the news I´ve got right now. 

Love You guys,

Elder Stoddard

Mixing in the Fun

Hey family, I don´t have a ton of time, but I think the camera will make up for that. (See below.)
I miss you tons. It was cool seeing you when we were on skype.
Yeah my week has been a little uneventful. You know how I said missionaries buy ridiculous crap? My companion bought a drone for 1500 lempiras or 75 bucks. So this week I´ll probably send some pictures\ videos of us playing with that. 

When Missionaries Find a Park

A lot of missionaries here mave a hard time balancing between how much they´re focused on fun and how much they´re focused on the work. That´s been a problem for me too here. Because if you don´t have fun you´re going to hate everything and the work will kill you, but there´s also some times when having too much fun can lead to being disobedient.
My Spanish is way better. There´s a couple things I say that people don´t understand, like yesterday I said in Spanish ¨kick the bucket¨ in Spanish, and everybody looked at me weird.
I am glad you guys get to go to Paris and I hope you guys have a great week.
Love you all. Have an awesome week. I will do my best to send stuff in this next week.
-Elder Stoddard

Taught a Little English Class This Morning
Taught a Little English Class This Morning

Back in the Saddle


I am terribly sorry it has been so long since I updated this blog. We have had Christmas, packing all our belongings into storage, moving out of our house, driving cross country, and (for me) flying across the Atlantic since the last entry. So the digital circulation of Elder Stoddard's letters has been delayed until now.

However, since Elder Stoddard received a camera with WiFi uploading for Christmas, we have started receiving a lot more pictures. As a result, we expect future updates will include more pictures from him, and not just stock photos from the internet! Plus he can write interim letters and notes and send us a picture of the paper from a mobile hotspot at odd times. It makes for a great surprise midweek. (See below.)

And finally, the Christmas Skype call was amazing. We were able to talk for a really long time and get all caught up. He told us interesting stories like being mugged a knife point and giving them a few lempira that amounted to less than a dollar. Then when they demanded his backpack, he told them he needed it to preach ... "The Word". He had learned that no one takes chances with standing in the way of The Word, so he got to keep his backpack. He loves the people, is having a great experience, seems very upbeat, and his testimony is taking off. We were nervous about talking for the first time in 5 months and all the anxiety about not knowing what to do with the time, but it could not have gone better. It was fun to watch him scoot across the floor of the church in a chair with wheels rather than get up to show us something. And seeing him gesticulating with his hands when he talked let us know he was still our Christian.

Now we get to look forward to talking to him again in May.

So stay tuned for more great updates.

Thank you,

The Editor

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