Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Birthday After a Mother's Day Phone Call

[from May 20, 2017]

I am a little sorry for keeping you guys up so late, but I really enjoyed talking to you guys and didn´t really want to end it. I noticed a couple yawns, but I definitely could have kept going longer. It was cool to get to talk your ear off and then listen to whats going on in your lives. Thanks for letting me talk for so long!   

My companions are both super cool.  I get along well with everybody in the office.  I was coughing a little, but I got it to go away pretty quick with a ton of Niquil.   

It is kinda hard to have 2 different things to do.  I try to not neglect the area or the office, but it does get hard sometimes.  

Thanks for the happy birthdays. I know I am way old now huh? Yeah the birthday was a little weird, but the other guys in the office made it super special. Last year was pretty cool.  Got that mission call as a birthday present and we got to eat pupusas (which definitely exist down here and are delicious).  And now that I´ve had a companion from El Salvador I do appreciate them a little more. I really hope I´m not to bagui next year.  I know I´ll be excited to come home, but I for sure won´t let that excitement hurt the remaining part of my mission.   

I miss stuff shells but I did get something pretty close.  Here in San Pedro we found an UNO chicago grill.  Delicious (a little expensive) but very very good.  Reminded me of good Italian food and making the "make your own pizza" when I was super little.  

You know that I am not worried AT ALL about coming home.  I don´t really worry too much about the future and I for sure am not worried about things that are more than a year out hahah.  I´m not too worried about money either, I thought I had taken out a lot more from the account is all.  I´m gonna start being a little less frugal... look we went to UNO!  

am prepared for the creepiness, but I really hop eyou guys are ready for a weird Christian with strange habits. 

Thanks for helping me out with school too.  I´m sure in the future I´m gonna really appreciate that. 

That´ll be a fun trip when you go back to the USA, you´ll get to see all the cool stuff in the west while your there.  But don´t worry.  I´ve got a very large amount of space in the back of my mind.  I´m not too worried about that kind of stuff (and especially right now). It´s funny how every time you guys are ready for the long haul, an awesome opportunity comes up.  and this Ukraine things sounds like a pretty awesome opportunity for all of you guys.  

It is way cool to be able to connect so much with Dad.  My mission seems pretty close to how his was so far huh?  It´s cool to see some of the same stuff Heavenly Father wanted Dad to learn he wants me to learn as well. It is cool how many things are parallel about our missions.  I hope they have the same affects on me as they did on him.  I hope I can do a little of that same kind of learning while I´m here.

OK.  I love you guys and I hope it´s a good week.  Hope the notification at 2 AM doesn´t bug you. 


Elder Stoddard

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