Monday, August 7, 2017


[from March 27, 2017]

Things are still going really well.  Elder Reyes is really good, every companion is super different, and it´s always a kinda funny feeling working 24\7 with someone new.  He´s a really good guy and super obedient.  I´ll admit Elder Santillana and I were a little sad when we found out he had emergency changes, but really I lucked out again with Elder Reyes, a very good missionary.  We´re getting along really well and working really hard.  

The thing is there are large sections of the area that I´m still not super familiar with, and it´s a little hard because Elder Santillana had six months here when I got here.  My last area I never had any trouble cause it was super small.  But yeah Working with Elder Reyes is going very well.  

Yeah, its a little warm here.  I can´t believe you guys are still in coats and scarves.  I haven´t forgotten what its like to be cold... but it´s been a very long time since I´ve been cold.  I can´t really say I miss it either, but what I DO miss is the A\C.  But even power that didn´t go out would be pretty cool.  When the fans come on it really is a beautiful thing.  

I don´t think anythings going to happen with those young girls, we´ll still work hard with them, but their mom is a little hesitant to let us visit. We do however, have a young single mother who is probably going to be baptized soon.

I´ll tell you the truth, translating is super super hard.  When I do it, my english sounds pretty stupid too... It´s almost like English is just as much as a second language as Spanish is. I definately need more practice trying to find english words that make sense haha... 

One time with my old companion we were working in the municipal government building to get some papers through and a kinda kooky american guy walked in and started talking to Elder Santillana in English and he couldn´t really respond cause he doesn´t really speak english, olny what I had taught him...but I thought it was very weird that he started talking to Elder Santillana who didn´t speak english instead of the obviusly white guy standing next to him.

I´m glad we´ve always had the church to be a calm constant thing in our lives, especially with you guys having some kinda funny moves recently.  

I´m thinking about you guys a lot. I´m really glad you guys are enjoying yourselves there... try your best to take everything in because I don´t know if you´re gonna get to have many more experiences there in France after this... and when you talk to american people everybody there´s gonna ask you how it was.

I am really grateful to have you guys as a family who always write me...I´m a little prideful when I show people the pictures of my family.  I know there are a lot of people (and missionaries) who don´t have that. 

Anyways I love you guys and have an excellent week. 
Elder Stoddard

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