Saturday, August 12, 2017

Another Trio

[from June 10, 2017]

I think this next group of people going home is gonna be a lot worse... there´s over 20 missionaries that are gonna be leaving.  But hopefully everybody gets on their planes the first time... 

I guess Dad got pretty well prepared in this calling cause he seemed to have it all under control.  I think basically what I did at the airport was I just got upset and talked a little harshly to an airport person so they´d us pass through security with the sister missionary.  It felt kinda like that one time when I yelled at somebody in Wegman´s.  That was a funny day.  I was so mad haha.  

Anyways in "it´s not news it´s missionary chambre news" somebody went home early (so there was gonna be a trio anyways) and president decided to send the ruta secretary to replace of the guy who went home.  I don´t think the ruta secretary was doing a very good job and president got quite an earful during interviews.  

So now I´m in a trio again and we´re all in charge of the ruta, it´s kind of a mess but it´s cool to see how happy missionaries get when you give them a new pillow or even a box of book of Mormons when they´ve been asking for months.  I feel kinda bad for the guy who was the ruta secretary cause a lot of missionaries are upset with him.  I offered him help while he was here but he never wanted it.  Kinda a weird situation, pero así pasa cuando sucede. [Translation: But that is how it goes when it happens.]   

Today I ate at dennys.  I got all you can eat pancakes...I´m pretty full.  I also found a really good taco place here but it´s not quite like a taco.  Every taco is an imitation of mexico wherever you go, but I think I like the american imitation more than the Honduran one to be honest haha.  

I´m glad you guys had fun there in Switzerland. It sounds cool. That´s pretty cool you´re gonna go see the catacombs, you can´t leave Paris without seeing.  Yeah take pictures of the catacombs, the eifel tower, the france temple... And I think that´ll do me.  

Oh I completely understand being hot with no air... I have lived that way for quite a bit.  You guys sound like you need some fans.  Even though I´ve got A/C now I will never forget the fans that have always been there for me (when there´s light anyways)   

I´m gonna try to take more pictures and send them now that I get to see more stuff.   

Love you all, 

Elder Stoddard

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