Saturday, August 12, 2017

Silence Broken & A New Assignment

[from May 2, 2017]

(Editor's Note: All we had heard from Christian since April 10 was a 3 line email on April 26 saying he was still alive. So when we did not get an email again for the third week, I wrote and proposed a number of possible explanations, including alien abduction, kidnapping, eloping to Tierra del Fuego, or being too sick to separate himself from a bathroom. Below is his response.)

We baptised someone on april 30th, so that was pretty cool.  We just finished dristrict meeting and i'm writing from the stake center real quick.  Our chapel does not have súper reliable computers, and thats the only placer we can write from.  Thats gonna change right now though... Ive got some news.  Last night presidente called me as general secretary, so I will have computer access on P days (everyday really).  But anyways... It makes me really sad when I can't email you guys súper well here, but I'm a little bit sad to leave montecristo.  Especially after what you told me about the office... But I'm a little stoked to drive the mission's only car every once un a while.  Anyways... I love you tons and tell the family I love them tons too.  Also p day is saturday for me now just so you know.  Im lookinh forward to mothers day!!!

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