Saturday, August 12, 2017

Faux Pas

[from May 27, 2017]

Hey family, 

I had to do some crazy stuff for President today (he´s going on a Roatan trip) even though it´s our p-day Saturdays.  So I just have time to stop by the office super quick and shoot this email off.  The good thing is I´ll be back here Monday and I can write for real then.  Don´t worry I´m not forgetting about you guys for a second!!!  

I love all of you and we´ll see you guys then! 

-Elder Stoddard 

Hey Family, that ended up taking not nearly as long as I thought so here goes... 

Oh you bet I ate a ton of Uno pizza.  I never though I would find anything like that down here, but it is way cool.  They have a lot of cool restaurants here, like Denny´s, Johnny Rockets, Fridays.  The thing is that they´re all pretty expensive.  American prices with a Honduran mission fund.  

Everything here is awesome.  This week was a little crazy cause of changes (I believe every other mission in the world calls them transfers, but my mission has weird words).  The other day we had to take all the people home which is usually an all day ordeal, but ended up being a 2 day ordeal this time.  On Wednesday night, the missionaries who were going home showed up at about 10 o´clock from their last dinner with president.  They slept in our house and the power was out.  That was kinda rough.  Then we got up (Elder Guadarrama and I)  at 2 o´clock in the morning to take the first group to the airport.  We were at the airport until 6 oclock when we went home, got in missionary clothes, and took another group back to the airport.  We were there until 2´clock and then we went back at 3 with the last group that finished up at six.  The problem was, one of the sister missionaries who was supposed to go home at 6 missed her flight.  Sooo we rebooked her for a flight at 10 oclock at night with the same airline.  Guess which two missionaries had to stay with her in the airport?  Yep Stoddy and Guada.  So at 10 oclock at night she missed her flight AGAIN.  Uggg. We booked her for a flight at 4 in the morning and we took her to a sister missionary house near by and Guada and I collapsed in our beds until that next morning when we once again woke up at the crack of dawn to bring her to the airport. This time though, we went through the security with her (we got special passes) to make sure she got on the stinkin airplane.  Apparently she missed it the first time cause she was looking at souvenirs and the second time she was eating.  So that was pretty crazy.  And a super long experience.  Friday we went to the office, but both of us were pretty dead.  We came home and just went straight to sleep.  Today I am finally back to feeling normal.   
Sorry I wrote about that crazy experience, but I thought it was worth sharing. I know how it feels to hear English in a sea of a foreign language.  Pretty nice huh? 

Office life is treating me pretty well.  I like it but it is very different.  I just hope I can keep teaching a good amount while I´m here.  I Enjoy being here lots, but it is a very different kind of stressful and work than other missionaries feel I think.  Like instead of worrying about "dang, there´s no water in the bucket, I can´t flush the toilet" now I worry about "dang, president is gonna be very upset if this sister misses her plane for a THIRD time.  I´d better talk to the DSA (yes the DSA not TSA) about going through with her."  

As a secretary I do a lot of boring stuff and every once in a while something bad happens and I get to do some exciting stuff.  

My area here is pretty peaceful and quiet so that´s good.  My ward here is one of the oldest in Honduras, and where all the new missionaries come for their orientation on their first day. 

I hope I still get to baptize people as a secretary, I´m gonna do my best, but we´ll see.  It´s pretty hard to do. 

I am all good now, I don´t really miss a whole ton in america.  Maybe that we have power most of the time.  I don´t get sick too often, and I got over that little sniffly thing I had while I talked to you pretty fast.   

Ireland sounds pretty cool, I am glad you guys have gotten the opportunity to go there. The talk pretty funny over there don´t they? You´re so lucky you guys get to travel like that!! Driving over here is nuts too.  Don´t forget to drive on the left and I´ll try not to run so many red lights.  You guys like Ireland or France better so far?  

I don´t know what weird habits you guys are gonna see though.  One time we found a family of Gringos (white people) and they invited us to eat.  My companion and I start eating the chicken like Hondurans, with our hands.  Just about everybody does that.  There were some beans and tortillas so I started using the tortilla as a kinda utensil, like they do here.  I realized they were kinda staring at me in horror and I realized that there were a fork knife and spoon at my place. Here they use those things, but it´s not normal to eat chicken or beans with them.  You´re gonna end up saying bonjour in Ukraine hahahaha.  

It is really funny, sometimes I forget what I´m supposed to be speaking and I´ll start speaking spanish to a gringo or english to a latino.  Usually it happens on the phone.  One time people from Utah called my companion and they didn´t speak spanish so my companion passed me the phone and I started speaking for him. That made me feel kinda cool, like a professional translator. 

Love you guys!!! 

-Elder Stoddard

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