Saturday, August 12, 2017

Really Exciting or Really Boring

[from June 3, 2017]

Yeah I know the airport was kinda rough...We have to stay with the people who are headed out of the mission until they go through security and everything.  We assumed that since both times she went through she was good to go, but that wasn´t the case.  Yeah, I was pretty patient, I didn´t get upset or anything... I was just tired and I don´t think I was as friendly as I should have been to her or to the airport people.  I was tired and knew I had to get the problem solved. President and my companion were both pretty upset.  It was my idea to go through with her.  Ok... I did get a little frustrated when it happen the second time.  

I had to go drop somebody off this week in Olanchito, almost in Nicaragua.  That was a LONG drive!  Yeah, here things are either really exciting or really boring.

This calling is a little stressful sometimes. 

Well, this last week I had to do a pretty big report about the baptisms in the Month of May, and that was kind of tough, cause I had to track down information from lots of missionaries, and some of them don´t even have phones to call!  Pretty tough sometimes, but now that´s over so I´ve been working on some car insurance paperwork and buying some office supplies.

My bed is pretty soft, I got a bunk bed, so I thought it might stink to be on top, but the air conditioning blows right on me so its worth it.   

I have so many books in the house.  Lots and lots.  I don´t get to read to much in the house so a lot of them are in the car too, cause when Elder Draper drives I´ll read then.  

In the house there´s six of us.  We played a game were we all went to the super market and bought something and then, blindfolded we had to eat a spoonful of that thing somebody else had bought.  Some people bought gross things and some people bought good things.  Somebody bought some hot peppers but it was funny because they were the ones who had to eat it.  

My clothes are getting kinda old to be honest.  I guess I´m a little rough on them.  I washed them by hand for a good chunk of time and I think thats why they´re so worn.  

I´m probably gonna see some weird stuff while here.  One thing that I got to go to this week was the leader´s meeting with the Zone Leaders, Assistants, the Sister Training Leaders, and me.  It was a pretty cool meeting.  It was cool cause I just stood up and talked for about five minutes and then I got to listen to all the plans that they were making for the whole mission.  Pretty cool.  I also got to send some emails to a 70.  I hope to get to email an apostle while I´m here.  I think something really really good or really really bad needs to happen though.  

Also, I called one of the people who was converted while I was in Montecristo (Aylin).  She said she was thinking about serving a mission.  We´ll see cause she´s still got a while before she´ll be able to, but still very cool that she´s thinking about it.  I think it would be very cool if somebody who I taught went on a mission too.  

You´re getting to be quite the world travelers huh?  Now in Switzerland.  How crazy is that. I think that´s where the Alps are I think.  I bet you never thought you´d get to go to all those cool places.  You gotta open up a swiss bank account while you´re there, like real rich guys.  
Anyways, be careful driving.  They drive on the right in France I think. 

Love you guys and have a good week.  

-Elder Stoddard

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