Saturday, August 12, 2017

Good Good Good

[from April 10, 2017] 

I`m glad you guys appreciate my weekly emails, I sure do look forward to getting to hear about and write to you guys a little bit each week. I know I have been out for a little while and I have learned a lot. I am very healthy and very happy.  

We had a really good lesson with Jesus & Nelda yesterday.  They´re both pretty active in the church which is good.  Ward is really good.  There are a few members who really really help us out no mater what it is that we need.  My companion is good too.  Everything is good good good.  

I is so cool you guys get to have some foreign experiences too.  It is cool to share that with you guys.  

It´s cool to be able to email David.  We had a baptism this last Saturday and David had his first.  That´s pretty neat.  

Yeah all of my buddies from Vienna are doing well.  Some are gonna go on the mission right after.... high school.  Off topic but people here say colegio instead of  High school.  I sat here for a little bit trying to remember what it is in america... I think it was a brain fart cause all I could think of was college.  But yeah we should hear pretty soon about what far corner of the world they´re gonna go to.  Maybe the Washington D.C. North mission.   

I try to not run into loopy people.  I don´t know what it is, but I feel like every drunk guy in Honduras speaks a little bit of English and wants to talk to me.  

I do miss cold days.  It is very hot here.  Semana Santa is supposed to be one of the hottest weeks of the year.  

I´m so happy you guys ad the chance to watch Elder Palmer´s talk.  I think It was my favorite.  I think sometimes we wonder "why do general authorities say the same things again and again"  I think it´s because it´s just as much to reinforce us as it is to teach new things to investigators.  I don´t know if I explained it that well... but I tries to make it simple.  Hopefully you helped a little to interpret hahah.  

Charity is one of the best things we can strive to achieve because if we see others as Christ sees them, we will be better followers of Him 

I love you all somuch.  I cannot wait to see you guys in the skype call!!!  We are so close    

Elder Stoddard

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