Saturday, August 12, 2017

Luxury (Honduras Style)

[from May 7, 2017]  

It´s way weird being in the office... the call came at a weird time too.  Basically in my last area I was moving houses, cause that last house was a little garbage... It´s only redeeming factor was that it was about the only house in all of that area with a third floor so we could see the beach.  But that was about it.  We didn´t have ANY water and we only had one plug and a bunch of extensions cords running all over the house.  

So I looked for a new house with my companion and we found one with all the best stuff.  It was the only house in the colony with water ALL the time and that was super important to me after a bunch of time without it.  So we had spent all of p-day moving ourselves into this new house, we had to pack up our stuff into our suitcases and all that.  So after we went and taught for the last couple hours of p-day and came home.  I really wanted to take a shower because it had been a long time without that.  So I got out of the shower and my comp just handed me the phone and told me that President was on the phone for me.  It was kinda cool cause I didn´t have to pack up anything.  

The office is different, it kinda feels like I´ve returned to regular life.  We have an air conditioned bedroom we go from that to our hot water shower into our air conditioned car and we drive to our air conditioned office where we do office work.  Sometimes I have to remind myself I´m not breaking rules- Or I don´t need to ask permission.  We can pretty much go anywhere in our mission which is pretty sweet and we can go anywhere in the city of San Pedro Sula (Even though the bigger part of the city is in the other mission).  

It´s also kinda weird cause we spend a lot more time focused on other missionaries and very little time teaching.  The guys here are all pretty cool.  And I am speaking so much English in here, cause the secretarys are always General: Gringo his companion Migration: Latino and the Financial: gringo and his companion Ruta: latino.  And then the two AP´s are almost always a latino and a gringo.  

My Spanish is not getting very much practice... only on the phone.  But I am learning weird real life words that you wouldn´t use in the church, but you would use in a work setting, so I guess that´s pretty cool.  I don´t have a ton of time here, but I guess I´ll see how it goes huh?  

In this mission it´s called General Secretary instead of the Executive Secretary but it´s probably about the same thing.  I think it´s cool that I have Dad to share the cool stuff and trashy stuff cause I know he understands.  Anyways, have a good week.  May 14th is coming up huh?

Love you, 

-Elder Stoddard

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