Sunday, August 13, 2017

Anticipating Reverse Culture Shock

[from July 1, 2017]

It´s awesome you guys are back in America.  I do miss home sometimes, but I really like it here too.  I feel kinda like you did in France maybe.  You missed Virginia a little bit, but you liked France too. Yeah I´m sure it´s gonna be a little underwhelming when I get home.  There are still some little things that are kinda cool about home.  I used to miss stuff a lot but now I´m pretty used to Honduras and all the stuff here.  I honestly think that when I get home I´m gonna miss Honduras and feel kinda weird not being able to throw my bags of water on the street when I´m done with them. I honestly thing everything's gonna be weird for me.  Not littering is gonna be one of the biggest things.  No pulperias is gonna be another.  Being cold and outside is gonna be another.  There´s gonna be some pretty serious culture shock in my future.  Hopefully it isn´t too weird for you guys to be back in the USA

Yeah this ward is really strong, the only thing is that our area is really tiny.  I think it would be kinda cool to have a bigger chunk of space.  That´s one of the things I loved about Montecristo; that it was such a big area and even though we couldn´t work everywhere, there was always somewhere we hadn´t gone/tried yet.  Here our area is only 4 streets.  I completely understand why it´s like that though.  Lots of times we don´t even get to go to the area at all. 

I hope that was my last car accident, pretty crazy. I´ll do my best to not get in any more!  It´s hard not to here.  I was a little freaked out for a second, cause it was pretty out of nowhere.  I was just with my companion when we crashed.  The bus was kinda small for a bus.  Here they call them Rapiditos, cause they go so fast. But after I was pretty calm.  Then I just talked to the guy who hit us.  He seemed pretty cool actually.  I wasn´t really too angry with the guy, but I was a little upset that I was the guy who had to fix it.  I had to make all the phone calls to the police and the insurance.  I still haven´t been to court yet, that´ll be on Friday. That´ll be kinda weird.  I don´t think the guy´s gonna go to jail, but I do think he will have to pay for the repairs on his bus, and maybe there´s some way we can get him to pay for our car too, who knows... Our insurance is probably gonna have to pay for our car, so I´ve had to work with the insurance company and the repair shop a little bit this week.  Yeah I don´t know how many other missionaries have been in car accidents in there missions, but I bet it´s not too many. I´m gonna be glad when everything´s over and I´m done with all the court stuff and repairs stuff.

And yeah my pointy sideburns have pretty much grown back in.  It just looked super weird when they were like halfway back... I´m sure you can imagine.

This week was spent helping lots of people close their areas... we´re closing 8 in the mission.  The only thing is that 3 zones are kinda far away from San Pedro (Ceiba, Miramar, and Olanchito) so we couldn´t help with the houses they were closing there.  They just kinda had to fend for themselves.

Also, during this week we had the leaders meeting which is super cool.  It´s all the Zone Leaders, President and Sister Carlisle, and Me.  It´s cool cause I just get up at the beginning like in General Conference and talk about all the statistics for the mission.  It´s cool cause I only talk for a couple minutes and then I get to be part of a really cool meeting.

Love you guys!

-Elder Stoddard

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